Backpack Hacks


Backpack Hacks

Whether it’s about the cartoon character or the brand, backpacks are likely more about style than about function to our kids. So it’s up to us to do the heavy lifting when it comes to choosing just the right one.

Signs of backpack strain

  • back, shoulder, or neck pain
  • headaches
  • trouble balancing while wearing backpack
  • leaning forward to carry the backpack
  • tingling hands
  • struggling to get the backpack off

Did you know?

Studies have used magnetic resonance imaging to examine what happens to children’s spines when they’re carrying backpacks of different weights. Reported back pain from higher backpack loads may be due to reduced lumbar disc height and greater lumbar asymmetry (more curvature).

Did you know?

A large-scale research study measured the weight and backpack load of 3,498 students and found the main predictor of back pain was the weight of the backpack relative to the student carrying it. The greater the disparity between the backpack weight and the wearer’s weight, the higher the chance the wearer would experience pain.

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