From the Editor: July-August 2018


From the Editor: July-August 2018

Welcome to the men’s health issue, where we’re saying it’s time. Time to step off that fitness plateau. Time to step into the kitchen and cook like you give a damn. Time to step up for your health: in the bedroom, on the road and at every phase of your life. Greatness awaits!
Our feature this month chronicles the evolution of my friend Andy Hurley. Not only is Andy the amazing drummer for the band Fall Out Boy, but he’s also an ultra-strong CrossFit athlete, vegan and entrepreneur. Andy recently cofounded the Oracle Coffee Company in Portland, Oregon, which has quickly become part of the local Portlandia culture (more on that in this issue, too).
Andy and I first met through a mutual friend about five years ago. We went to a Veggie Grill in L.A. and talked for hours about fitness, music, veganism and everything in between. A few years later, he invited me to his show at the Hollywood Bowl. After the concert, I found him backstage demonstrating how to properly do a squat for the entire road crew. Others jumped in (including rapper Wiz Khalifa, who’d joined Fall Out Boy for a few songs on stage), and before you knew it, Andy had a crowd around him doing an impromptu workout. It was not what I’d expected, and it was truly inspiring. Clearly Andy doesn’t let being on the road become an excuse for not working out.
We’re also catching up with my friend David Carter, a former NFL defensive lineman who is now working hard to address food deserts across America. His goal is to make healthy food available to all at a low cost. We’ve scored tips from legendary professional soccer players Omar Gonzalez, Christine Sinclair and Stephanie Labbé on how to stay at the top of your game in an ultra-competitive environment. And we’re bringing you a Q&A with renowned food activist Matthew Prescott about his new book, Food Is the Solution: What to Eat to Save the World—along with a couple of recipes from the book.
Plus, we’re exploring Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort in Canada’s coastal Great Bear Rainforest. Last October, a bunch of friends and I went up there to reflect on the year and to gain perspective. It turned into one of the most amazing experiences any of us had ever had. Set among 1,000-year-old trees and towering waterfalls, Nimmo Bay’s natural beauty is unparalleled. We articulate that beauty as best we can in our profile of the ecolodge.

Brendan Brazier

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