6 Easy Step-by-Step Nail Art Design Tutorials for Beginners


6 Nail Art Design Tutorials for Beginners | If you're looking for easy step-by-step videos to teach you how to create cute and fun free hand designs on your nails, we've curated 6 ideas to inspire you! Whether you have short plain nails, beautiful gel nails, or long acrylic nails, these nail art designs are perfect for every season - for spring, summer, fall, and for winter. We've included a list of tools you need to create these looks at home plus simple hacks for beautiful nails every time!

Nail art is cool and beautiful, not to mention, extremely impressive. While you can always go to the salon to get intricate nail art done, you can also create designs yourself at home! All you need is a few handy tools, nail polish and our favourite step-by-step nail art design tutorials to lead the way! These tutorials will make it easy to get any trendy nail art you’ve been coveting on social media.

5 Nail Art Design Supplies to Invest In

1. Nail Art Stripping Tape
You can make really cool designs with nail art stripping tape! It’s easy to use and self adhesive, so there’s no glue or mess involved! Clean the surface of your nail where the tape is going to be placed, place your chosen sticker and tip and rub it gently several times. Apply a top coat (see our favourite one below) for best results!

2. Thin Tip Brush
A thin tip brush will be extremely helpful in your nail art endeavours. It will help you create thin lines and intricate details for any design you want to do. Make sure to clean the brush with nail polish remover after you’re done with your nail art.

3. A Good Top Coat
When you’re creating nail art, you want it to stay intact as long as possible. A good top coat seals in the colour and adds a protective layer so your polish stays on and continues looking great!

4. Nail Dotting Tool
There are many nail art designs that use dots, so a dotting tool is key. You can create polka dots, flowers, and so much more with the help of this handy tool!

5. Nail Polish Corrector Pen
A corrector pen is so important, especially if you’re a beginner (even more advanced manicurists need them from time to time!). They erase errors and imperfections, ensuring your nail art looks its best! Correct smudges, erase nail polish on your cuticles, and make corrections to any design you may mess up!

6 Step-By-Step Nail Art Design Tutorials

Simple Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial | Tina Yong

This nail art tutorial covers two trends in one – rainbow nails and negative space nails! Before she starts her nail art design, she cleans up her nails using a cuticle pusher and nail buffer. She uses a gel base and top coat to ensure her nail art lasts as long as possible, and of course you’ll need a UV nail light to cure your nails!

DIY Dip Powder Vertical Ombre | SipAndDip

This ombre nail art is so fun, especially for summer months! Usually the ombré design is done horizontally on nails, but this design gives the ombré look a nice twist. You’ll need products including dip powders (you can buy a set of them here), a base and top coat and activator, and she also uses the Wet n’ Wild Crease Brush for application.

Pastel French Tip Nail Art Tutorial | lauren crowe

French tips have always been a classic, but now people are reinventing them in trendier ways! This pastel french tip nail art is so easy and will make you look so on-trend. You’ll need a UV nail lamp (this one comes with free tools!), alcohol wipes, a nail file with a buffer, and pastel nail polish!

Metallic Stripe Nails: How to Get the Look | FLARE

This super simple tutorial shows you how to get metallic stripe nails in a few easy steps! Metallic nails are very in right now, and if you don’t want to go full on metallic with the colour, this is a great way to show off the trend in a more subtle way. All you need is your choice of nail polish colour, tweezers, small scissors and metallic nail art stripping tape.

One Tool Only: Easy Abstract Floral Nail Art | Followthatway Nails

These abstract floral nails are simply gorgeous! They’re colourful, fun and perfect for the spring/summer season! You’ll need a thin tip brush for this design as the flowers are very intricate. Start with a white nail polish for the base and choose your favourite colours for the flowers. Follow along and you’ll master this beautiful nail art in no time!

Negative Space Nail Art | SimplyCherCher

Negative space nails have been on trend for the past few years and it’s still one of the coolest nail art designs to rock. You can choose the nail polish colours you want to use, but make sure they’re contrasting for the best results. You’ll also need scissors and delicate surface FrogTape. The tape will create a crisp edge without any residue, which is key for negative space nails. Don’t forget a top coat to finish!

Nail art is a great way to get creative at home, and it’s incredibly impressive! Give these tutorials a try and you’re sure to get the biggest compliments.

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