12 Tips and Hacks for the Perfect DIY At Home Pedicure


12 Tips and Hacks for the Perfect DIY At Home Pedicure | If you want to know how to do the perfect pedicure at home, this post has everything you need! From the best foot soaks, to supplies and essentials to help restore dry, cracked heels and shape your toenails perfectly, to step-by-step pedicure videos and tutorials to teach you how to pain your nails like a boss, we'll teach you all the steps you need to take to get beautiful, smooth feet!

Going for a pedicure is such a treat! Our feet go through a lot, and there’s nothing quite like giving them the TLC they deserve. While it’s a nice luxury to get a pedicure at a spa, they’re easy to do on your own from the comfort of your home! It’s much more affordable and ideal if you’re short on time, but still want to give your feet some love. Want to give yourself an at home pedicure? Check out our best tips and hacks!

6 At Home Pedicure Essentials

1. Detoxing Foot Soak
One of the best parts of a pedicure is soaking your feet in warm water with a great foot soak. This soak cleanses and detoxes impurities with the power of citrus. It’s packed with epsom salts, 100% Dead Sea salts and all-natural organic essential oils. It helps remove harmful impurities, bacteria and toxins, and is the perfect way to get rid of dead, dry skin, soften calluses, and relieve sore, aching feet.

2. Pedicure Tools Kit
This pedicure kit has all the tools you need for an at home pedicure. From a cuticle pusher, to a scraper, foot file, toe nail clipper and more, there are 19 tools to meet your different pedicure needs. You can remove calluses, and hard and dead skin to reveal your most gorgeous feet.

3. Base Coat and Top Coat
For a great pedicure that will last, you need a good nail polish base coat and top coat. Not only will you achieve a chip-free finish, these two products will ensure your pedicure is beautiful and long-lasting. You’ll get salon quality results that will last for weeks!

4. Nail Strengthening Cream
Another great product for an at home pedicure is nail strengthening cream. The cream strengthens nails, conditions cuticles, and prevents chips, peels and cracks. It will give your nails high endurance and long lasting strength, and infuse your nails with calcium, vitamins and hydrogenated jojoba oil.

5. Foot Peel
Baby Foot exfoliation foot peel is infused with 16 different exfoliating extracts that break down layers of dead, cracked skin. It restores your feet to the smooth, baby soft feet you once had! A simple 3-step process, you open, apply and then wash it away to reveal flawless feet!

6. Toe Separators
If you want to make sure your pedicure is salon-quality, toe separators are a must. They keep your toes apart while you’re painting them, and are so soft and comfortable they won’t inflict any pain. They’re also reusable so you don’t have to worry about waste!

4 Pedicure Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

1. Always Apply Two Coats
One coat of nail polish isn’t going to cut it. If you want your pedicure to look professional, make sure to always apply two coats. Wait for the first coat to dry fully before applying the second coat. Two coats will give your nails the perfect colour (you can even apply a third layer if you think it will help create the shade you’re looking for). If you only apply one coat your nails won’t look fully done.

2. Create Your Own Foot Scrub
While there are lots of great products out there, you can also create your own foot scrub to use for your at home pedicure. Make an exfoliating foot scrub with sea salt, avocado oil and your favourite essential oils to leave your feet feeling moisturized and smooth.

3. Remove Nail Oil
Nail polish will go on better and stay on longer if it’s applied to a clean, dry nail. Invisible nail oils can lead to a mess when you DIY a pedicure. To keep this from happening, swipe each toe nail with white vinegar before applying the nail polish.

4. Soften Your Cuticles with Olive Oil
Olive oil is incredibly moisturizing and is a great natural product you can use to soften your cuticles. Massage a small amount into your nails and gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher. Make sure never to cut or trim your cuticles as they’re designed to protect your nail from infection.

2 At Home Pedicure Tutorials

Step-by-Step Pedicure At Home | Save Time + $$! | Amanda Bellantoni

This tutorial covers it all, from prepping and sprucing up your feet to painting your toes a gorgeous colour. If you’re dealing with dry heels, peeling skin and chipped toe nail polish, watch this step-by-step video to get your feet in shape! She suggests using products like a pumice block to remove calluses and tough skin, a diamond foot file and Shea Moisture coconut oil to nourish and restore your feet.

DIY Pedicure At Home! *Feet Transformation* | Luhhsetty

Want to know how to give yourself a beautiful DIY pedicure? This tutorial is perfect for anyone who already has gel nail polish on their toes. From prepping your feet in the shower with a callus remover and Shea sugar scrub to removing gel polish and then painting your nails, you’ll learn exactly how to give yourself a great pedicure at home! If you’re going to go for gel polish, you’ll also need a UV LED nail lamp.

Giving yourself a DIY pedicure is easy as pie! Use these tips and hacks to give yourself a professional looking pedicure at home!

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