Halloween Nail Art: 7 DIY Halloween Nail Designs to Try


7 Halloween Nail Art Designs to Try | Halloween nail art is such a fun and simple way to add a little excitement in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween. Whether you have gel or acrylic nails, long coffin or stiletto nails, or short plain nails, these step-by-step nail art tutorials will give your hands a serious upgrade this October! Grab your black, orange, and purple polish, and give some of these at home manicure ideas a try.

If you love experimenting with new nail designs, Halloween is the perfect time of year to get creative. Halloween nail art is a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Even if you don’t want to dress up for Halloween, painting your nails with a Halloween design is sure to get you in the spirit! There are plenty of spooky and clever nail designs, from spider webs to jack o’ lanterns, graveyards and so much more. Fun for all ages, check out these Halloween nail designs you’re sure to love!

5 Halloween Nail Art Essentials

1. Striping Tape
If you’re going to be trying out Halloween nail art designs, striping tape is a must. It allows you to do different nail colours on the same finger, and is easily stuck on and pulled away to create sleek lines for whichever look you choose!

2. Dotter Tool
A dotter tool is another key essential you need for nail art designs. They help you create different art from leopard print to flowers. If you’re doing your nails for Halloween, a dotter tool is one tool you need in your arsenal!

3. Matte Top Coat
A top coat is key because it keeps your polish free of chips, helping it look better for longer. A matte top coat gives your nails a non-glossy finish, which is ideal for Halloween designs such as skeletons, spider webs and bats.

4. Nail Correcting Pen
When you’re doing any type of nail painting, a nail correcting pen will be your saving grace. The precision tip of the pen will help you clean up around your nail bed for a polish job that looks like it was done at the salon!

5. Staple Halloween Shades
Invest in quality nail polish in Halloween’s staple shades such as black, white and orange. Having these colours on hand will allow you to create a number of designs perfect for the spooky holiday.

4 Halloween Nail Art Designs to Try

Spooky Skeleton Nails via Nailed It NZ

These skeleton nails are so much fun and they’re pretty simple to do! Follow her step-by-step as she shows you exactly how to do this nail design for Halloween. It works best for long nails, but it will work on medium-length nails as well. You’ll need products like black and white nail polish, an eyeshadow applicator and a really thin brush.

Batman Nails | DIY Halloween Bats Spider Web Nail Art Design Tutorial via Robin Moses Nail Art

Bats and a spider web? You get two for one with this nail art design! The design is done with a French manicure as the base and works so well for Halloween. It would work for numerous costumes or you could even dress all in black and just have your nails painted! The white tip of the French manicure acts as the base for the design, painted over with a glitter nail polish. You’ll also need black paint and a thin brush to create the bats and spider webs.

Nail Art for Beginners- Simple Leopard Print via Paulina’s Passions

If you love leopard print, but have been hesitant to paint it on your nails, Halloween is the perfect time to do it! It’s a fun print that works perfectly if you’re dressing up as a leopard or cheetah, or if you’re not dressing up except for your nails! She uses purple as the base colour, but you can use any colour you like! You’ll also need a dotting tool, very thin brush and a great top coat!

Graveyard Nail Art Tutorial ~ Halloween Nail Art via bonitajuanita

Want something spooky for Halloween? What could be better than graveyard nails? To get this look you’ll need a deep blue polish, glitter polish, and black and white acrylic paints. This design has it all – the night sky, the yard, and of course, the gravestones. Follow this tutorial to learn exactly how to do it!

3 Halloween Nail Art Ideas for Kids

Jack-O-Lantern Nail Art via Nailed It NZ

Jack-o-lantern nail art is so cute for kids! It’s not too spooky but still totally gives off the Halloween vibe. They’ll love their pumpkin orange nails and are sure to show them off to all their friends! Aside from the nail polish colours, you’ll also need a thin paint brush and black acrylic paint for this design!

Halloween Ghost Nails via caramellogram

These ghost nails are cuter than they are spooky, so they’re perfect for kids! They’re the ideal way to help celebrate Halloween and are fun to do too! You’ll need a base and top coat, black and white nail polish and a dotting tool to create these Halloween ghost nails!

Candy Corn – Beginner Nail Art Tutorial via Twinklefarts

There may be no better Halloween candy out there than candy corn! The signature orange, white and yellow stripes make for the sweetest Halloween treat! Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to see how to get the look, plus her best tips for nailing the candy corn design. You’ll need white, orange and yellow nail polish, and she also recommends an acetone nail polish remover to clean up around the edges!

Ready for your nails to go all out for Halloween? Try these nail art designs to get you in the spooky holiday spirit!

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