How to Wax Your Own Eyebrows at Home: 11 Tips and Tricks


How to Wax Your Own Eyebrows at Home | If you're looking for the best at home products and at home tutorials to help you learn how to shape your eyebrows and wax unwanted hairs yourself, we've curated all the tips you need! Whether you want to wax your brows with strips or with an at home natural DIY sugar wax, we're sharing brow shaping tips, videos, and tutorials to ensure your brows are always on fleek - even when you can't get to the salon!

Are your eyebrows getting a little unruly? While some women love the overgrown, bushy brow look, others prefer them to be perfectly tamed and structured. If you fall into the latter group, you likely want to learn how to wax your own eyebrows. It may sound intimidating, but following the right steps and using the best products will ensure a flawless at home eyebrow wax! Check out our best tips and tricks to get gorgeous waxed eyebrows from the comfort of your home!

5 Eyebrow Waxing Products to Invest In

1. Clean + Easy Pre Wax Cleanser
Before waxing your eyebrows, make sure to prep your skin with a pre-wax cleanser. It will protect your skin from irritation, and disinfect and prepare the skin for effective hair removal. This cleanser wipes away dirt, bacteria, makeup and oils for a fuss-free hair waxing experience!

2. GiGi Hemp Wax At-Home Hair Waxing Kit
This microwave formula offers gentle and efficient removal of unwanted brow hair. Infused with the latest wax technology, your skin will stay soft for longer without feeling itchy because of slower hair regrowth. The wax conforms to the curves of your brows and has a strong adherence, getting rid of hairs as short as 2mm! Formulated with hemp seed oil, it minimizes after-wax redness and leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

3. Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax for Face, Brow and Bikini
This DIY waxing kit is ideal for waxing short, coarse hair in small and delicate areas such as the eyebrows. It’s formulated with skin safe ingredients that won’t burn the skin or cause an allergic reaction. Rather than applying strips, you simply apply a thick layer of the wax, let it cool and peel it off for smooth, hairless skin.

4. GiGi Wax Off Wax Remover
This post-wax treatment removes wax from your skin, leaving it soft and silky. Infused with aloe vera and essential oils, it moisturizes and cleanses the skin for a velvety finish post wax. It smells like coconut and reduces skin irritation and redness, preventing the skin from dryness and flaking after waxing.

5. Calm After Wax Azulene Oil
After you wax your eyebrows, it’s important to condition your skin to reduce redness and inflammation. Azulene oil soothes and softens the skin after waxing, promoting healthy, softer skin. You won’t have to worry about the dreaded redness and irritation that can sometimes follow a wax.

How to Shape Eyebrows: 4 Tips

1. Find Your Natural Eyebrow Shape
Figure out where your eyebrows begin and end and where your natural arch is. Find the beginning of your brows by holding a pencil vertically at the middle of each of your nostrils. Mark that spot then move the pencil to the outside of your iris to find your arch and mark that too. Then pivot the pencil until it grazes the outer corner of your eye to find the end of your arch. Draw a line connecting the three marks to create an outline for your brows.

2. Brush and Trim Your Brows
Before you wax your eyebrows, it’s important to brush and trim them. Use a spoolie brush to brush your brow hairs up. Having all your hairs going in the same direction will make them easier to shape. You may notice some hairs are longer than the others. To make the waxing process easier, use eyebrow scissors to trim off the top of these hairs.

3. Use Proper Waxing Technique
Now it’s time to wax! Make sure you use natural daylight and don’t under any circumstances use a magnifying mirror. Use small wax strips, such as the ones we mentioned above in our favourite products and make sure the strips are cut to the right length. Apply the strips along the lines you’ve created, making sure the strip is adhered to your skin. Remove the strip quickly and make sure you pull in the direction your hair grows.

4. Pluck
Once you’ve waxed your eyebrows, you’ll want to pluck out any remaining hairs. Look for any hairs outside the line you made and get the tweezers close to the skin. Pull in the direction the hair is growing so it’s as painless as possible.

How to Wax Your Own Eyebrows: 2 Tutorials

How to Wax Your Eyebrows! | Dacey Cash

Feel like you need to watch someone waxing their brows before you’ll feel comfortable doing it yourself? This video offers a step-by-step look into how to wax your own eyebrows using products like the Gigi Brazillian Bikini Wax, Gigi Slanted Wax Applicator and Tweezerman Stork Brow Scissors. Follow her tips and techniques to get flawless brows at home!

DIY Sugar Wax Hair Removal | abetweene

Another option is making your own sugar wax to wax your eyebrows at home! You can learn how to make the sugar wax here and you’ll also need small wax applicators, eyebrow trimmers and Humphreys Organic Witch Hazel. She guides you through the waxing process, teaching you exactly how to apply and remove the wax for a perfect finish!

Waxing your eyebrows at home isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Follow these tutorials, tips and techniques and you’ll have beautiful brows in no time!

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