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COVID-19 and Canada’s Food System

When the COVID-19 crisis hit Canada in early 2020, Arzeena Hamir, owner of Amara Farms, a small organic fruit and vegetable farm in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, knew there would be tough time

The Secret Life of Fungi

As a human being, when you think of something that is “like you,” what do you imagine? In 2000, Dr. Michael Hathaway, professor of anthropology at Simon Fraser University, found himself living with el

Orca Conservation

For 23 years, Troy Bright has been watching whales. When I meet him on the shore of Beautiful Bay on Malcolm Island, BC, on a hazy late August afternoon, he is perched atop a log, hydrophone system at

Environmental Art: A Beautiful Chance to Connect with the Earth

With the onset of long summer days, it’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby. Take some inspiration from bold, innovative women artists from British Columbia who are using natural materials to cat

Inclusive Food Security

For many of us, food is the centrepiece of our community gatherings and celebrations. By taking a look at who isn’t at the table and how their voices can be heard, we can build more inclusive local fo

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