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Be a Fitness Role Model for Your Children’s Future Health

Exercise—it’s not just for adults! Regular physical activity offers a world of benefits for children, but three out of five Canadian kids and teens don’t get enough exercise. Become a fitness role mod

Daytripping With the Guys

The next time someone proposes a hangout and a pint in your guys’ group chat, shake things up. You can grab a beer with your best buds anywhere. Why not atop a soaring mountain peak? Or beside rushing

Blast From the Past: The Health Benefits of Nostalgia

A blast from the past could be a blast for your physical and psychological wellbeing. Nostalgia — revelling in the past and reminiscing about the good ol’ days — is about more than just daydreaming. R

What We Learned

My New Year’s resolution: to put 2020 firmly behind me (and maybe skip ahead to 2025 just to be safe). Yet, as I reflect on a turbulent year, there are moments of inspiration tangled up in the pile of

What We All Learned in 2020

Very few, if any, of us foresaw this past year shaping up to be the year that it was. Who could have predicted closed travel borders? Or shuttered schools and shopping malls? Or that a bottle of hand

The Speed of Stress From 0 to 60

What fears and worries keep you up at night? For my toddler, it’s very specific: big monkeys. For my mother, it’s retirement. Mental health experts say each generation—from kids to seniors—have unique

Young, Wild and Free

The first rule of Play Club is that you do not talk about Play Club. The second rule? There are no rules. Children need wild, unstructured nature play. Here’s what parents and caregivers need to know.

Jacked On Plants

Canadian women are 60 percent more likely than men to call themselves vegan or vegetarian. The reasons are tied to complex concepts of masculinity and men’s fears about losing their strength. But to b

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