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The Multi-Hyphenate Role Model

Angela Lindvall does a lot—modeling, mothering and advocating for the environment—while maintaining a balanced life and, most of all, a healthy perspective.At just 14 years old, Kansas-bred, blue-eyed

Break it down

Most of us don’t have the opportunity or training to spin on our head like a sculpted top or contort into graceful silhouettes. We’ll never take a breathtaking leap that seems—for a moment—to carry us

The power of one meal

 What if everyone on earth ate one plant-based meal every day? That’s a world Suzy Amis Cameron—former actor and current environmental advocate—wants to live in. And she’s written the guidebook to ge

Meet the party whisperer

No one epitomizes “hostess with the mostest” quite like Susan MacTavish Best, aka the party whisperer. Her gatherings are hotbeds of fascinating people and mind-expanding conversation. These get-toget

Total bosses

Three’s companies: (L-R) Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Payal Kadakia and Meghan Asha have all founded companies … and the world is healthier, better dressed and more fit as a result.For the first time in rec

3 entrepreneurs on what it takes to truly disrupt an industry

L-R: Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart, Payal Kadakia and Meghan Asha To launch our new Innovation Spotlight, we asked our entrepreneurial cover stars: “What is the greatest innovation you’ve come up with, and w

From Cars to Carryalls

What does it take to succeed as a designer in the competitive world of fashion? For Vicki von Holzhausen, a certain mental cocktail helps. Call it creativity spiked with logic. “My brain works as a mi

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