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On a rainy December morning at her home in Scottsdale, Arizona, Danica Patrick was feeling rather happy about a flat tire. If you know anything about Patrick—namely, that she’s widely held to be the m

Zooey Deschanel's Growth Plan

When Zooey Deschanel was pregnant with her first child, she began thinking more about the food she ate. A lot more. She wanted her baby (daughter Elsie Otter, who was born in 2015) to be the healthies

Sweetening The Pot

Meet Equal Parts, a new company that isn’t just here to sell quality cookware. The Equal Parts team also wants to teach you how to not burn dinner and how to not get burned out in life. It’s ambitious

The plant-powered rock star

 When musician Joe Duplantier—the guitarist and lead singer of the metal band Gojira—became a vegan about four years ago, something unexpected happened. The French-born New Yorker, who’s known for hi

Eyes on the Prize

In recent years, tech gadgets that give real-time access to performance metrics have transformed how runners and cyclists train. But for swimmers, things haven’t gone as swimmingly—largely because tak

Standing Tall

We live in them. We work in them. And our planet’s getting warmer because of them. The buildings we inhabit are major contributors to climate change—accounting for nearly 40 percent of global greenhou

Run Like the Wind

Whether you’re battling a strong headwind or benefiting from a steady breeze at your back, there’s no doubt that the wind impacts your performance as a runner. But factoring this invisible force of na

Sleep tight

For professional athletes who regularly attend high-intensity practices, travel across time zones, and play late-night matches, getting enough sleep can be an epic challenge. But a Canadian company ca

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