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On the Edge of the Deep

I’m in a shallow-bellied boat racing up a green river. Lush trees lean in from both banks. Eagles perch like guards on the gnarled, sculptural roots of uprooted trees, watching the boat whip by. The r

Bryan Adams: Waking Up the World

When Bryan Adams sings that “it cuts like a knife,” you can almost feel the cold blade. When he reminisces about the summer of ’69, you’re certain those were the best days. When he confesses, “Everyth

Begin Again

What can one of the world’s first ecolodges teach us about sustainability and growth? The alive team headed into the heart of BC’s Great Bear Rainforest to stay at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort to find

Gena Hamshaw is the thoughtful bestie we all wish we had

 With a new cookbook out (more on that here) and a blog that keeps us coming back for more (The Full Helping), Gena Hamshaw has cemented her place in the plant-based foodie-verse. She’s the thinking

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