Blending 101: How to Blend Contour Correctly for a Sculpted Face

Contouring may have made its mark back in 2008 thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian, but that doesn’t mean the trend is s

How to contour your nose properly

Whether you were blessed with a big nose, a small nose, a crooked nose, a bulbous nose, or a flat nose, you dont need to

5 tutorials to teach you how to contour your face properly

I dont know about you, but I hate this time of year.The weather is miserable.The days are shorter.Everyones coughing and

How to Contour Your Nose: 10 Tips and Products for Every Nose Shape

Contouring can be intimidating. Not to mention, we don’t always want to look like a Kardashian on the red carpet. Someti

How to Contour Your Face Correctly: A Step-By-Step Guide

While Ive got all kinds of face-slimming secrets up my sleeve to help add a bit of definition to my round cheeks, contou

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