How to Properly Apply Blush: 9 Tips for Every Face Shape

Blush is one of the most underrated makeup products out there! One of the best ways to add life to your look is the addi

How to contour your nose properly

Whether you were blessed with a big nose, a small nose, a crooked nose, a bulbous nose, or a flat nose, you dont need to

5 tutorials to teach you how to contour your face properly

I dont know about you, but I hate this time of year.The weather is miserable.The days are shorter.Everyones coughing and

5 tutorials to teach you how to apply eyeshadow properly

If you want to know how to apply eyeshadow PROPERLY, youve come to the right place.Ive had an unhealthy love for makeup

13 makeup artist tricks to teach you how to apply mascara properly

If youre looking for the best mascara tips to teach you how to apply mascara perfectly, this collection of mascara tutor

7 fantastic tutorials to teach you how to apply eyeliner properly

Do you know what I suck at? Eyeliner. I dont know which type to buy, I dont know which color works best with my eyes, an

How to Apply Self-Tanner Properly: 6 Sunless Tanning Tips

I was 15-years-old the first time I tried to teach myself how to apply self-tanner, and it was a complete and utter disa

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